Leadership and Management- an Annotated Bibliography

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Adler, M. A. (1994). Male-Female power differences at work: A comparison of supervisor and policymakers. Sociological Inquiry, 64(1), 37-55. * This article spoke of the positions of power between men and women, and how policymakers and supervisors distribute that power to men and women. In the work place, when considering for advancement, employers have undefined criteria such as personality characteristics and potential managerial qualities. These standards become the cause of inequality in authority and power at work place. Jobs that are available for women have low wages and also less authority. Similar research studies have shown parallel points, in that inequality is found at the workplace because of such gender based …show more content…

A meta-analysis and a larger meta-analysis were conducted for this study. The team examined 18 databases using 124 search items to obtain appropriate studies. Many variables were used for coding, including leader gender and experimental setting. There were many components to the study, including gender categorization, experimental setting, criterion

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