Racial Discrimination : The American Dream, Right?

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People have this generalization that discrimination has been abolished, that everyone has the same opportunity in this free country. That is the American dream, right? Sadly, this dream has turned into a blatant nightmare that minorities have to live in every day. Even though there have been laws created to prevent discrimination in the workplace from happening, it is still a huge issue that needs to be looked at more closely. I am researching gender and racial discrimination in order to help my reader understand that racial/gender discrimination is very prevalent in the modern workplace in terms of hiring, wages, and corporate mobility.
Women constantly have to deal with something called the glass ceiling. The term “glass ceiling” refers to the invisible barrier that exists in the workplace for women. They have a limited amount of mobility when it comes to the corporate hierarchy. This metaphor is very realistic because women can see the goals they might be able to accomplish, but gender-based discrimination is implemented, therefore making professional advancement unrealistic to a certain point. There is a small amount of female surgeons, CEOs, and corporate partners at large firms. It seems as though women can excel in the workplace, but only to a specified limit. Imagine being chained to a cave wall, and you can see the sun stretching out across the horizon in front of you, but you simply cannot escape the dark desolation of the cave due to your restraints. Why are…
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