Leadership and Organizational Behavior Case Study

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Part I: Group Development The stages of group development are: 1. Forming: This is where the group that has been chosen or formed would come together, get to know each other and initially form their group. 2. Storming: Conflicts begin over the tasks they must perform as well as the others they must work with, in the group, as well as what their standing is within the group. 3. Norming (initial integration stage): The group now comes together and starts a good balance without the turmoil from the previous stage. 4. Performing (total integration stage): Working together well now and will be able to be effective in meeting its objectives. 5. Adjourning: When the task/objective is completed, the group will separate and move on. When…show more content…
group meeting dates not attended, emails sent or received, phone call attempts). 3) Ask for resolution possibilities, or help with how to deal with the situation. 4) Possibly change the grading structure if the professor will allow. 5) Speak with Mike about the resolutions that were the result of the meeting with the professor so that he is fully aware of what is going on with the case study project. Part IV: Reflection The outcome of the group project wasn 't mentioned, as to whether Mike ever turned in his portion, or how the group actually did grade wise, so it is hard to fully evaluate Christine as a group leader. I will say from what was written in the case study, Christine didn 't seem very organized and didn 't seem to have great communication skills with all of the group members. She didn 't stay firm with Mike on meetings and objectives and let him use excuses to not do his work. Class group projects can be very difficult, but I think overall Christine did well with most of the members but to be effective you need to lead all members well and the project needs to be completed and should be
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