Leading An Effective Business Meeting

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Leading an Effective Business Meeting
An effective leader of an organization bears the responsibility of influencing employees to meet the goals of a company according to its mission statement. As part of a leaders objectives is to hold effective business meetings. This blog installment will cover what it takes for a leader to hold effective meeting step by step. In fact, there are many facets to ensuring that a meeting is engaging and allows for employee participation, take-away understanding and post expectation of business meetings. It is important for all to gain a knowledgeable understanding of how to prepare an agenda, set dates, times and determine the meeting’s purpose on what outcomes is expected after a meeting.
Many employees find attending meetings daunting and would rather be working. Therefore, before asking employees to attend unnecessary meetings it would be better to determine which employees’ attendance is necessary. An efficient leader determines their attendance list before creating a meeting agenda. Below in the chart show the next steps involved in holding meetings. HOW TO HOLD EFFECTIVE/EFFICIENT MEETINGS
1) Is the meeting necessary If no, then do not hold a meeting If yes, proceed to step 2
2) Attendance Compile a list of employees that should attend meeting. Appoint a facilitator
3) Purpose of Meeting Determine objectives/goals of meeting
4) Agenda Includes purpose, objectives and topics to be covered by

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