Implementing A Leadership Training Program Essay

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As our firm grows in revenue and size, opening new offices in other cities, the number of our employees have grown significantly and will continue to grow along with our business. This presents a challenge in our organization to find and raise leaders as well as improve our existing leadership to be more effective. To address this issue, we need to implement a Leadership Training Program that will train, educate, and encourage our managers to be more effective leaders in their departments, which will help raise employee’s morale and productivity. This proposal will include strategies that will improve our management’s ability to communicate with our employees, and self-reflection exercises that will develop our managers personally and improve their leadership skills. Current Challenges Growing number of our employees make it difficult for our management to give enough attention and communicate thoroughly with them. The article, “The value of valuing employees” by Comaford (2013), outlines many of the problems that we are facing when dealing with our employees. There are 6 pitfalls, per article, that needs to be addressed regarding interaction and communication between management and employees. 1. Failing to Respond to Employee Emails – management is very busy and sometimes overlook emails from employees. But it is very important that the management respond to these emails. Employees may be directly influenced, feeling that they are rejected or that they and their ideas

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