Leading Change By Professor John Kotter

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Summary, Introduction The book titled “Leading Change” by Professor John Kotter is what chooses to read. In this this book report I will provide an overview of the leadership message presented. Credible sources will be used in critically analyzing the book. Readers question will be answers in regarding to the important benefit of reading this book and how it can help leaders with their business of organization. Who should or should not read this book, my own personal recommendations and suggestion of the book. John Kotter is the Konosuke Matsushita professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School and the founder and a principal of Kotter Associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Professor Kotter is the author of the General Managers (1982): The leadership Factor (1987) Leading Change (1995) etc. He is the best sellers among business books in the United States. Professor Kotter is also a frequent speaker at top management meetings around the world. Know days there are many different tools for leaders to use and create successful changes in today’s ever shifting environment. However, the economic and social changes force the need for major changes in organizations. Leaders are facing the need for change in transition to be successful, market changes and competition increase the need for transformation with specific strategies leaders and organization are looking for ways to keep up with the increasing change. This book titled “Leading Change (1995) by Kotter outlines an
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