Leading and Managing Change in Clinical Practice

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Leading and managing a change in clinical practice Introduction In clinical practice, there is lack of use of evidence-based practice which is commonly referred to as EBP. The concept of evidence-based practice is that all decisions that are made regarding patient care should be made based on research studies that have been conducted and that these research studies that are selected and interpreted should be according to certain norms of the evidence-based practice. These norms include the disregarding of qualitative and theoretical studies. Therefore, quantitative studies are used in accordance to a narrow set of criteria of what exactly counts to be termed as evidence ADDIN EN.CITE Reichow2010595(Reichow et al., 2010)5955956Reichow, B.Volkmar, F.R.Doehring, P.Cicchetti, D.V.Evidence-Based Practices and Treatments for Children with Autism2010Berlin, HeidelbergSpringer9781441969736http://books.google.co.ke/books?id=znCCkL6XvFAC( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_7" o "Reichow, 2010 #595" Reichow et al., 2010). This narrow set of criteria is important in making sure that evidence-based practice achieves its desired effects and is not just a broad practice based on all the available research which is referred to as research-based practice. It must be a practice based on concrete evidence from research studies thus the need for these narrow criteria ADDIN EN.CITE Sackett19961107(Sackett et al., 1996)1107110717David L SackettWilliam M C RosenbergJ A Muir GrayR Brian HaynesW Scott
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