Lean Production Practices For Efficiency Kocakulah

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This written review details the two articles chosen for week 8 topic, lean manufacturing. The first article, titled Lean Production Practices for Efficiency Kocakülâh, M. C., Austill, A. D., & Schenk, D. E, published in Cost Management 2011, details the multiple elements that make up lean programs. The second article, titled Manufacturing’s Oversized Claims McCullough, M, published in Canadian Business 2011, details some of the pitfalls and down side to Toyota Production System lean elements.
Lean is the elimination of waste. Customers do not want to pay for waste they want to a good product at a reasonable cost. Waste is waiting, waiting for paint to dry, waiting for material to get from one process to another. With the elimination of waiting, more time is focused on the production process. It is also inefficient transporting of material to and from the production facility. It is in shipping trucks half full or calling the truck back because of missed or delayed shipments. The third is over production. Overproduction generally occurs when yields are poor and if the customers’ needs are to be met, more material than what is required to fill the order is processed. Over production can also occur when the forecast is inaccurate or, constantly changing. Forth is the production of defects or, continuing to making errors and mistakes. Customers do not want to pay for mistakes and it leads to over production and poor customer service. Next is unnecessary movement or motion.

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