Analysis Of The Book ' Lean Production '

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A BOOK SUMMARY Authors: James P. Womack, Daniel T. Jones and Daniel Roos Brazer Bozlak 6850 CMGT / Fall 2015 Farzad Shahbodaghlou 11/05/2015 Introduction This paper is a summary of the bestselling book about the story of Lean Production, based on a five million dollar study about the future of the automobile done by the MIT Institute of Technology. “The Machine that Changed the World” is written as a summary of this research made by James. P Womack, Daniel T. Jones Daniel Roos and their team. The groundbreaking analysis is telling the story of how Japanese companies in the car industry are sweeping the world competition as they transfer from mass production to lean production. It takes the reader through their in depth study of 90 auto assembly plants in 17 countries and their interactions with individual employees, scholar, and union & government officials. The author of this compelling study uncovers the specific manufacturing techniques behind Japan’s extraordinary success in the car industry and how these innovative techniques can be implemented. “The Machine that Changed the World” guides the reader through the fascinating story about lean production and Manufacturing system that results in a better and more cost efficient product, higher productivity and greater customer loyalty. It tells about how critical the use of efficient team work, good communication and efficient use of resources are to produce remarkable results with cars 1/3 less defects and half the

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