Lean Six Sigma And The Effects On Operations And Technology Strategy

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Process Analysis on Lean Six Sigma and
The Effects on Operations and Technology Strategy
Lauren M. Nanney
East Tennessee State University

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Process Analysis on Lean Six Sigma and
The Effects on Operations and Technology Strategy Over the course of the past three decades, American industrial organizations have sought a wide variety of management programs in hopes to improve their competitiveness. The two most prevalent programs are lean management and Six Sigma. Lean management derived from Toyota in Japan and has since been applied by many major firms in America, including Harley-Davidson. Six Sigma was introduced by Motorola …show more content…

For Six Sigma, the emphasis is on reducing variation, leading to more uniform process output. The belief here is that by focusing on reducing variation and achieving uniform process will lead to reduced waste, less throughput time, and less inventory. While each methodology seems to be targeting common tools and concepts, the approaches begin the journey from different perspectives (Nave, 2002).
Lean Management When relating lean production to a process, there are three key principles that are considered. First, manufacturing performance adheres to the improving flow of material and information across business functions. Second, lean emphasizes customer pull rather than organization push. Last of all, lean develops the individuals of an organization to practice and pursue a commitment to continuous improvement (Lewis, 2000). Many researchers cite lean as constantly evolving, arguing that any definition of the concept would only be a snapshot of a moving target. Because of this, it is hard to give a consistent definition to the subject of lean. Researchers also argue that lean principles can be applied to any industry, regardless of the concept’s origin to the automobile industry. They encourage organizations to acknowledge the different perspectives that the concept comprises when embracing a lean approach within their processes (Pettersen, 2009).
Six Sigma A project-driven management approach, the Six Sigma method’s purpose is

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