Leap Year Traditions

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Leap Year Traditions to Try in Your Home


Meta Description: Looking for a way to add some fun to this year’s leap day? Try bringing one of these traditions into your home.

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Make Leap Day a Holiday This Year with One of These Traditions

Well, we’re in another anomalous year this year. It’s a leap year and at the end of February we will correct an oddity of the Earth’s orbit and add a day to the calendar. The tradition of adding February twenty-ninth to the calendar dates back
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There is one big one, but we’ll save it for last. Leap Day does have some interesting associations though, ones that you could borrow from to create your own traditions. Read on for our list of two fictional traditions and one true tradition that you can try in your home.

Frog Catching and Jumping Day

Depending on your location and the weather at the end of February, the twenty-ninth may or may not be a good time to gather the children and head to the local creek, pond, or other wetland in search of frogs. Leap Year, for obvious reasons has long been associated with frogs and frogs are seen as good luck on the twenty-ninth. Gather your frogs and bring them home for an old-fashioned frog jumping contest. For bonus points consider the traditional frog-leg feast of the twenty-ninth.

Gioacchino Rossini Day

You may not realize this, but the great Italian opera composer Giaocchino Rossini was born on Leap Day in 1792. To celebrate, dress the family up in period costume and put on your own production of The Barber of Seville or William Tell. For bonus points consider adding a little danger to the mix with real archery and real
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