Learning Disabilities Are The Most Predominant Type Of Disability

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As the number of students with disabilities continues to rise, there is still evidence that shows learning disabilities are the most predominant type of disability. “Slightly fewer than half of all students with disabilities have specific learning disabilities.” (Turnbull, 2013, pg. 106) Because learning disabilities continue to be the predominate disability, it is important that teachers understand the characteristics of learning disabilities and how to accommodate for this specific group of students. This type of disability is associated with neurological problems and a change in the child’s brain structure. These students have trouble keeping up with children at their age level because they have a hard time retaining information.
Children with learning disabilities are protected by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and No Child Left Behind Act, which emphasize identifying learning difficulties in children early on. They do this by screening a child, implementing formative assessment to drive instruction and analyzing the outcome data to further assist the child. If a child is not performing at the same level as their classmates they may be evaluated for special education services. A multidisciplinary team must evaluate the student to see if they have one or more academic skill deficits compared to their peers, if the student is not make sufficient progress with the interventions that are currently in place, and if the student’s learning disability isn’t the

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