Learning For The Love Of God

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“Good students must be reflective about what they believe, for their beliefs will shape their learning in profound ways” (Opitz & Melleby 23). This piece of wisdom shared in Learning for the Love of God expresses the importance of the beliefs one has about college, or education in general. Throughout this piece, Donald Opitz and Derek Melleby challenge students to reflect upon the way they look at their education. Many students, as well as parents and other adults, tend to not understand the purposes of college. Similarly, I often question the connections between my life and what my professors teach me; topics seemingly irrelevant cause me to quickly lose focus. As my perspective on higher education shifts, I see more clearly the genuine impact that college plays in my life. As a Christian, I must carry out my duty to glorify God by acquiring knowledge throughout college and to help other people see the significance that college has.
Throughout history, one sees that assumptions held about college constantly change. In today’s society, many see college not as somewhere one goes to learn insight or gain understanding, but a place where one goes simply to learn skills to receive a degree and move into the career of their choice. In his article Commonwealth: The Liberal Arts vs. Neoliberalism, Jackson Lears discusses how certain aspects of college shift, which supports this widely-held view. He shares that “there was a time when the big words of the humanities still carried

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