Learning Is A Waste Of Environmental Resources

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Classroom setting – uncomfortable seating, exposure to chalk allergies as well as possibly mold and dust allergens. Then there are the dull long monotone lectures that can lull a person to sleep. If one succumbs to the temptation of sleep, they lose out on valuable information that often times they cannot get back. There are also class room disturbances and noise and sometimes this can make it difficult to concentrate. Then there is a commute back and forth to the classroom setting which could be considered a waste of environmental resources.

On-line learning is better, because it is usually in your home, which hopefully is a relaxed environment, that is quiet and creates a better atmosphere for comprehension and retention of materials learned.

However, pertaining to dull long monotone lectures in the attend section; a person can go back and review the material until it sinks into their brain. So I think lectures in this format are much better, because it essence you can say, “Wait, I didn’t get that.” Instead of having a professor re-explain everything and your classmates getting mad at you; you can simply re-play the section you need to hear again.

Another thing that is great about on-line learning is you can take the class room with you. There have been many times I have had to travel in order to take other courses at the same time during my Bethel classes. On-line classes, allow me to go where I need to while working on my Bethel education, even if the other course

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