Questions On Online Learning Styles

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When it comes to learning styles, what exactly comes to mind? Would it be hands on, auditory, or tactile learning? Those are all similar styles that can be park of online learning or most of all the traditional style of learning. So what would you choose? There are many similarities when it comes to traditional and online learning but it’s important to know there are just as many differences between the two. When it comes to the two learning styles there are always the different distractions, learning methods, and always the occasional getting in the way of work.
Let’s start with talking about online learning. There are about 6.1 Million people enrolled in online courses according to an article written by Steven Kolowich. (I was one of them my first semester.) Why take an online course you ask? Well sometimes you don’t have enough time out of the day to be able to drive up to the college and sit in a classroom for hours at a time. With taking online courses it gives you more time but it does cause a lot of distractions. You’re going to be doing a lot of your work at home. This means whatever you have going on around your house is a given distraction. Whether it’s a TV playing in the background, a dog that won’t sit still, or of course the route-y toddler you have playing with blocks as you type this essay! There’s also different learning methods you will experience while taking online courses. Almost all of the work will be in front of your computer screen, (unless you’re

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