Learning and Degree Program Essay

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1. Information Literacy Describe the information literacy skills you have gained over the entire program and how you use technology and resources to accomplish your goals. Throughout the entire program I have learned to better my writing and compression skills by using multiple types of media and technologies. Earning an education through an online program has made me very independent, to realize on my self for understand and interpreting directions and information using many sources. The sources I have become comfortable with include books, online articles, online videos and media. 2. Relational Learning Describe the ways and list the courses in which you transferred knowledge from life lessons and formal instruction to new…show more content…
When I first began at Bryant and Stratton I remember feeling very overwhelmed and would try to complete all of my assignments and lessons at once. I do not feel this is idea for learning or efficiency. Now, as I complete portfolio projects and other assignments, I go about it very semantically. I first develop a plan and goals to complete each day or week depending on the size of the project. I then take the time to learn and research the topics being covered. Taking the time to really complete the project well and truly learn from the research is the key to developing critical thinking and completing the work as best as you can. 5. Communication Skills Demonstrate your proficiency in oral and written communication from various projects within your degree program, and how will those communication skills be of value in the workplace? Working online I have developed excellent oral and written communication skills. Because I am not working face to face with others it has forced me to write more clearly and concisely. I have to communicate through writing and make sure I am understood the first time as email and online discussions are not as fast as real-time communication and not being clear or understood the first time could cause an necessary delay. 6. Quantitative Skills Evaluate how the courses you have taken at Bryant & Stratton College have helped you to
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