Legal And Ethical Principles Of Health Care

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(Benchmark Assignment) Applying Decision-Making Models in Health Care Grand Canyon University Legal and Ethical Principles in Health Care December 24, 2015 Orazie D. Slayton MPH, MIAD Kim McCullough Abstract Ethics is defined as a system of moral principles and values that include right, proper, honest, and decent conduct. Each profession may adopt a code of ethics to self-regulate the conduct of its members. Ethical dilemmas can arise, however, in the reality such decision making should include an open, truthful discussion regarding the patient 's situation and evidence-driven healthcare options. End- of- live involves ethical and legal concerns with end-of-life care have focused on the interest of patients, an interest referred to as autonomy or self-determination. On the other hand, medical professionals buttress the feelings that arise from these relationships s could undermine the morale of health care professionals and thus their commitment to doing their utmost for every patient. Hippocratic Oath, historically taken by an many oath physicians take when they enter medical practice. Nevertheless, any patient considering the euthanasia option may decide what best choice like going to see an experienced therapist, mental health professional before considering ending their life. The importance of the Austral Nine-Step model it mentions in detail that ethical issues in healthcare nearly every decision that 's made have
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