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Gay and Lesbians (GLBTI - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Inter-sex)
Legal definition of the group (3 marks)
‘Gay’ mostly refers to men who are primarily attracted to other men, emotional and sexually, but can be used to describe both men and women who have a same-sex attraction (beyondblue, 2013).
‘Lesbian’ refers to women who are primarily attracted to other women, emotionally and sexually (beyondblue, 2013).
‘Bisexual’ refers to individuals who are attracted, emotionally and/or sexually, to individuals of more than one gender (beyondblue, 2013)
‘Transgender’ refers to individuals who have a deep feeling that the gender they were born with does not ‘fit’ them and whose gender is different from that traditionally assigned to their …show more content…

Most same-sex couple partners that identified in the Census were non-indigenous (ABS, 2012). According to 2011 statistics, there was a 32% increase since 2006 in the number of same-sex couples in Australia. Throughout the 15 years between 1996 and 2011, the number of same-sex couples. Below are a few statistic graphs (ABS).

Describe the individual diversity within the group. What determines whether an individual is part of the group? How might individuals vary within the group? (4 marks)

Gay: ‘Gay’ refers specifically to males with a sexual orientation exclusively towards males.
Lesbian: ‘Lesbian’ refers to females with a sexual orientation exclusively to females.
Bisexual: ‘Bisexual’ refers to individuals who are attracted to males and females.
Transgender: ‘Transgender’ is generally used to described those who have behaviours involving the full or partial reversal of gender roles as well as sexual reassignment therapies.
Intersex: ‘Intersex’ people or hermaphrodites are born with reproductive organs of both sexes.

Identify the positive and negative terminology used in the community to describe the group.

Discuss the impact this might have on the individuals within the group. (6 marks)
Whilst the word choice varies, mainly the use of the derogatory terms are used to negatively describe or to put down an individual that may that are

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