Legendary Coach Bill Snyder

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If you are a sports person, you definitely know that team where it is really not a hard week of practice, its kind like a real relaxed week. Well, Kansas State Wildcats were like that before the legendary coach Bill Snyder ("Snyder return to K-State"). He is still at Kansas Stare and is coming up two 23 years as head coach. He actually retired in 2005. In 2008 he came out of retirement and resumed his coaching position at Kansas State. He is one of very few who have retired and return to the same team he left. Even after having to rebuild a team twice he still maintained a .664 Pct. The contribution to football demonstrated by Bill Snyder proved beyond a doubt that the College Football Hall of Fame should induct this very dedicated coach. He is worthiness for this reward is shown in his achievements and awards, impact on the fallowing communities and even the sport its self, and skill as a coach. One reason why Bill Snyder deserves this reward is due to all of his achievements and rewards. Throughout his career he has received just about every major award that can be given to a coach. One that is probably one of his favorites is when he was named the 32nd and 34th head coach for Kansas State, which is a very rare occasion ("Bill Snyder kstatesports”). It is also probly one of the biggest to all of the fans. Manly because after he left the team fell apart. It wasn’t tell he came back that the fans could be proud to call themselves a Wildcat. Bill Snyder has

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