Essay about Lely Robotic Milking System

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Lely Robotic Milking; How it works General Purpose: To inform. Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will be educated in what the robotic milking systems are and how they operate to create an effective and efficient way of milking. Thesis: Many of you probably know or have heard of the old fashion way of milking, but today I want to inform you of what the Lely Robotic Milking System is and how it works. I. INTRODUCTION A. Technology…that word means so many things to many different people. When you look into the dairy industry you will find several different types arise. B. One specific company which deals with dairy technology is Lely, who specializes in the robotic milking systems. C. Robotic Milking Systems …show more content…

B.ii. The weight on the collar keep the transponder in the correct position at 11’oclock to allow the robot to receive the information gathered. B.iii. Two types of identification may be used for each cow. B.iii.1. First type is the collar which can be easily read when standing on the sides. B.iii.2. Second types are the ear tags, which come in handy when standing in front of or behind the cow. C. To help the collars operate is the CRS, which as mentioned before is the computer system. C.i. The CRS keeps track of all the cows and their individual information. C.ii. The CRS is what will call the farmer if problems arrive and is also what is able to solve the problems. D. The Last step in the process is the robot itself which is step by step explained by a certified robot repairmen and installer. D.i. To start the process the back gate will open to let a waiting cow in. D.ii. The machine will read the responder to find her information and when the last time she was milked. D.ii.1. If she has come in within the last hour, the robot will open the front gate to let her out. D.iii. If she is on time and needs to be milked, the robot will move on as normal. D.iii.1. As she walks in she steps onto a black mat which will read her current weight and get an ideal amount of feed dispensed into the feed trough at the front of the

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