Case Study : Strategic Retail Management

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A Case analysis of Strategic Retail Management at Lenovo:
Strategic retail management provides an opportunity for a company to develop its market approaches both locally and internationally. It presents the company with an opportunity to develop its market abilities and achieve its objective through building a brand that fits into all markets that it ventures in during its lifetime. Strategic approaches to the retail market provides an organization with an opportunity to meet the needs of its customers, develop brands that compete favorably in the international and local retail markets while building a lasting brand that sustains market pressures. For years since its inception, Legend Company in China considered a decision that would see it gain access to the international market. It considered the local market and the international market in bid to identify the best approach to employ in entering on the international market or maintaining its operations within its local environment. One of the factors that proved vital for it was to have a name that would recon with the entire world. A name that was unique to it alone and not any of its competitors but still representing a good brand that would meet the business objectives of Legend Company. The company settled on Lenovo that stood to represent Legend through Le and novo to cover for innovation. The case analysis below focuses on developing the thesis Lenovo Company has grown as an…
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