Lenovo Group Limited's Strategic Brand Management: An Analysis

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Title: Strategic Brand Management The objective of this report is to discuss the strategic brand management for Lenovo Group Limited. Within a competitive market environment, logo has been identified as a strategic marketing tool to increase customer awareness and achieve competitive market advantages. Lenovo Corporate Logo Within a competitive business environment, logo acts as a method of business identification and a strategic tool to enhance company reputation. If managed effectively, logo serves as a tool to achieve competitive market advantages. A company logo displayed with unique color could serves as the main components of CVI (corporate visual identity). (Dowling, 1994, Baker & Balmer 1997). Corporate identity has been identified as the strategic tool to differentiate a company from its competitors and assist a business to establish customer loyalty. (Henderson et al 1998, Eiseman 2000 ). Of all the important elements to develop corporate visual identity, corporate logo has been identified as an effective tool to achieve product differentiation. (Fraser & Banks ,2004 ).Typically, a corporate logo has different elements, which include color, shape, image, size and style. Within the contemporary competitive market environment, corporate logo adds value to the company and serves as corporate visual identity that assists customers to identify an organization. Corporate logo also serves as signature for the company. For logo to be effective, it must have a unique

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