Less Funded Future Leaders Of America

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Less Funded Future Leaders of America

How do we fund our schools for the proper education? How do we support our educators to give the best of their ability for the children? There is a saying “You get what you give.” If this is to be true, I would very much like for my daughter to receive the best education with me supporting the schools as much as possible. I have attended every one of my younger sisters PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meetings, and befriended all of my daughter’s educators to be as involved in her education as possible. I was conflicted with the lack of school funds epidemic. Since I was younger our priority to do any extra curriculum that involved the school was to build a fundraiser and seek sponsorship. This was understandable since our learning curriculum were funded by the state and was top priority to any spending means. Today Texas schools are attempting to survive the legislative with threats of privatization, punitive accountability, unfunded mandates, and school “choice” schemes. The article “A Peek Under the Big Top” compares the 84th Legislature to a circus. “-the circus is back in town! The spine-chilling 84th Texas legislature that convened in Austin this month (January 2015) promises to feature daring radicals and tantalizing ideologues in the center ring. This year public education is in their cross hairs!” Then they explain how the schools are under-funded. In 2011 there were budget cuts for public education which include slashing

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