Lesson Analysis: Bear Snores On

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In my small group lesson for the self-contained fifth grade class that I was assigned to, I had my small group practice their skills of sequencing events by ordering the characters of the book “Bear Snores On.” With my lesson I opened by discussing the weather and what hibernation meant, which I feel was a successful hook to begin the lesson. Before reading I gave each student a sheet that had space for three vocab definitions on the front. On the back of the page it supplied five small boxes with lines each next to each box, which would allow students to draw the characters in order and explain why each animal entered the cave. As I read, I would stop and pick out specific words that I wanted to use for vocab, we would discuss the meaning…show more content…
Along with the pictures, I allowed the book to be passed around by the students, which I feel was a major distraction from the lesson at the time, which I think I should not do in the future with easily distracted or younger students. Aside from things I would change about my lesson, some things that I feel that I did that made my lesson strong was how I modeled. I think I modeled reading well and I also did the worksheet along with the students. I feel that this gave them an idea of what was expected to be demonstrated by them on the sheet. During our RAL class on monday we discussed ignoring students calling out and instead positively reinforcing those who raise their hands, which was something I tried to do in this lesson and it allowed me to hear from every student. In total, I feel that I learned a great deal by performing this lesson. For starters, I was able to proudly pat myself on the back for things that I felt were successful. For things that were not so successful, I am able to reflect on why they did not work and will be able to apply it in the future to better my
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