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Lesson Reflection Annotation ENDS 101 class was drastically different from my expectation. I came from a background of great involvement in Robotics and portray great interests in Engineering. The title of Design Process misguided me into thinking about the learning of traditional design process engineers take to approach problem solving. Through each lessons, I said to myself that I am physically being in the most realistically useful and most applicable class in the University. Never did I thought I will be taking a class that provokes creativity, enhance leadership, and develop good team working skills and other aspects that affect being a collaborative member, or a leader. Several times, professor Vanegas’ and professor Billingsley’s …show more content…

Artificial Intelligence can never surpass human’s intelligence – dues to the factor of humor. Humor is generated through the highest intelligence of a human-being; one must have astounded knowledge or verbal intelligence to generate humor in the correct context and audience. There will never be any AI created that are capable of generating original humors.
In lecture 5, we learned about states of flow. I have had several states of breakthroughs where ideas flowed out of my brain, but I never knew how to describe those moments. Everyone has their own unique state of flow. Some friends of mine think best when their heads are underwater swimming, or drifting down the road in their cars. My state of flow is when I am most comfortable on my bed, getting ready to fall asleep or barely powering my engines to wake up. I scroll through news, pondering about life and what am I doing today that can leave an impact in the world, leaving my footprints on Earth. Brilliant ideas, from my judgement, often pops up, and dissipate right by me if I did not find a way to note it down. Famous inventors, keep a notebook by their nightstand to conveniently note down their thoughts before they lose them in the mid of daydreaming. I began to practice the habit of writing down my thoughts, keeping a notebook where I record my thoughts or any ideas that raced past my mind. States of flow make me realize that human has the amazing capability to think and

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