Lessons For Making Successful Teachers Essay

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Supplementary Lessons to Make Successful Teachers
The occupation that is the second highest in contributing to society, per a 2013 survey taken by the Pew Research Center, is teachers, who were only behind military; which means that the characteristics and priorities that teachers hold will have a big impact on society. That also means that the teacher candidates are required to have felicitous qualities that properly utilize and better influence society. In order to best take advantage of that influence on society through their interaction with their students, the teachers should have a personality that can encourage learning and motivate the students. There are many types of personalities, but there some that are crucial to accomplishing this task.
According to James Stronge, “By finding a way to motivate a student to learn, a teacher contributes to a student’s evolving attitude toward a particular subject or activity. In other words, the teacher can bring out the best in that student” (28). To successfully motivate and bring out the best in their student, the teacher must follow three priorities that are most important to being a successful teacher: they must be adaptable, a positive role model, and be patient. Those three priorities each have a part in helping the student evolve. By being adaptable, the teacher can attempt in a variety of ways and teaching styles to help their students learn the material efficiently. When the teacher is being a positive role model, the

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