Letter From My President Trump Essay

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A letter from me to you: LBJ to Donald Trump
President Trump,
It is with my greatest pleasure to congratulate you on this accomplishment and position! After years of planning, advertising, campaigning and organizing I understand the relief and gratitude you must be feeling after such an emotional election. Although this job is a dream, I must be honest and tell you it has its moments. At times it is going to seem like more downs than there are ups but with the right team, confidence and strategies you will be able to conquer these next for years with a breeze. Giving the time frame you are working in and the time frame I worked in I can relate to you with trying to please everyone. There are going to be incidents where you are not going to please the majority, but president to president that is not what it is important. What is important is doing what you believe is the right thing to do and follows the laws of our country, that is why I am here writing this to you to give you some tips of mine. August 4th, 1964 may have been one of my most chaotic and stressful days in office but being personal with the people of this country, working with your team in the office and staying calm when being thrown multiple things at once is how I managed to deal with this day in the most appropriate way I thought was possible. Let me clarify for you when I say personal, not because that is a complicated concept but because I truly mean this. To most people in this country you are just the

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