Letter Of Public Administration Online Learning Program

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It is my hope to enroll in and complete your Master’s of Public Administration-online learning program. I write what follows below in support of my application. My intent on writing this statement is to do so with pure genuine, honesty, and to express myself as openly as possibly so my heart can be understood. There were no extenuating circumstances in my background that would give a reason as to why I desire to work in the public sector. I believe I was born with the will to serve others, a strong attribute that my mother held. My mother is the only individual in her family who has a baccalaureate degree. Born to a single teenage mother, she defied all odds by not repeating the cycle and worked full time to put herself through college. …show more content…

These career ranged from a court clerk to an adult probation officer. I received a few interviews, even receiving two interviews for the adult probation officer position, but did not get the job. I felt like this job would have been a fabulous opportunity to serve the public sector and put my newly earned criminal justice degree to use by rehabilitating offenders. Other careers I applied for required years of experience, with of course being a recent college graduate I did not have. The in 2015, I made a life-chafing decision. I was currently working as a full-time loss prevention officer in a private sector when I decided to join the United States Air Force. What better way to serve others and work in a public sector at once?
My choice to pursue an MPA from UNO was deliberate. I have personally seen the alumni achievement as well as the program reviews. I have yet to meet an individual who would by-pass an opportunity to receive any degree from this reputable institution. I want to study in your program because it is an excellent school in a convenient location that will enable me to perform my graduate work without interruption. UNOs cosmopolitan location means exposure to a variety of resources and internships for hands on experience. Its inter disciplinary course content and the mix of courses in management, criminal justice and public policy means that the amount of knowledge I would gain is astronomical. UNO’s focus on

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