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To the Members of the Catron Foundation,
We, those representing Center for Family Services, Catholic Charities of Southern New Jersey, and Cooper Health System, would like to thank you for your consideration to receive funding for a partnership in the City of Camden to help the community rebuild. This letter of intent has been submitted for your review.
Center for Family Services as a long history of serving the citizens of Camden, NJ. This agency was originally founded in 1920, and is committed to helping individuals and families with many diverse programs serving not only Camden, NJ, but also the surrounding communities. The mission of this organization is to support, and empower individuals, families, and communities to
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They offer a wide range of services to the community including programs for substance abuse, an employee assistance with job training, and an Urban Health Institute which is improving the quality of care for the underserved in the community.
Problem statement
The City of Camden has been struggling for the past 30 years. It was once a vibrant city with many opportunities for the citizens of the community. Businesses have been closing, and the soup factory, which used to employ a substantial number of people in the community, has started to downsize their operations in the city leaving many without employment. The factory has also had a tough time recruiting new employees due to the location of the factory and the lack of skills of the people in the community. The large hospital system, Cooper Health, has been struggling to find medical students for their medical college to come there due to the location of the hospital. If both businesses close, the city will lose two of their primary revenue sources.
The city has also seen a step increase in crime, and gang activity. The city has eight crime indicators which is upon the national average, and which has led to the stigma that has been attached to the city. The small businesses in the community are often the victims of crime and gang violence and have had a challenging time staying open due to issues. The high school dropout rate is at 45% with only 20% of high school graduates moving on to college.
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