Levels Of Government : Federal, State, And Local Government

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Federal, state, and local government establish the laws of how we carry on with our lives and influences the decisions that protect our future. We the people must hold the different levels of government accountable when those laws or influences are not withheld. The Constitution was written to protect those that may be treated unfairly and justly. There will be issues that every level of government will agree on, but it is up to the elected officials to represent those who do not have a voice. Hydro fracking is a complicated issue that should be tackled from the lower level of government to the higher level.

Intergovernmental relationship The federal government consists of the executive, judicial and legislative branches set the laws of the land. The state level, which is between the middle level assumes the responsibilities of ensuring those laws applies to the communities within and acts as the liaison between the federal and local government. The local level which hears a greater amount of the voice of the general population is the lowest level. The different levels of government goals are to work as a system, appoint specialist, and to assign tasks to the lowest level to fulfill. Federal or state government provides oversight to higher tasks accomplished through the local government; it demonstrates the local government can handle the issue at hand. The combination of the levels of the governments combined with the public and private players gives you intergovernmental

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