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Case Study: Library System 1. Problem Statement The Library System is a web-based application used to automate a library. It allows the librarian to maintain the information about books, magazines and CDs. It also allows the librarian to maintain the information about its users. It provides the facilities such as search for items, browse, checkout items, return items, make reservation, remove reservation etc. to its users. To borrow the items from the library, the users must register in the system. The search option allows the users to search for any item in the library. If the user finds that the required item is available in the library, he/she can checkout the item from the library. If the item is currently not available in the library,…show more content…
4.2 Scope This supplementary specification defines the non-functional requirements of the system such as reliability, performance, supportability, and security as well as functional requirements that are common across a number of use-cases. 4.3 Reference None 4.4 Common Functionalities • • Multiple users must be able to perform their work concurrently If the reserved item has been purchased or available, the borrower must be notified 4.5 Usability The desktop user interface shall be Widows NT or Windows 2000 compliant 4.6 Reliability The system shall be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not more than 10% down time 4.7 Performance • • The system shall support up to 2000 simultaneous users against the central database of any given data The system must be able to complete 80% of all transactions within 5 minutes 4 4.8 Supportability None 4.9 Security • • • The system must prevent borrowers from changing borrowers information, items information, titles information, and librarians information Only Librarian can modify borrowers information, items information, and titles information Only Master Librarian can modify librarians information 5 5. Use – Case Model 5.1 Actors Actor is something external to the system and interacts with the system. Actor may be a human being, device or some other software system. For Library system, actors might be; • • Librarian Borrower 5.2 Use – Case A use-case represents
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