Life After Chemotherapy Essay

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Life after Chemotherapy
Salewa Kayode -Williams
Tarrant County College

Life after Chemotherapy According to NIH estimates, three in four families in the U.S, are likely to have at least one individual with a diagnosis of cancer (NIH, 2016). We have millions of cancer survivors in the U.S. However, life for survivors is not always the same, as life before cancer. Treatment provided to cure cancer has short term and long term side effects. Conventional chemotherapies provided for cancer, are replete with toxicities. Though research is underway to prevent and reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy, it is remaining as a big concern. The patient is admitted to hospital and needs prolonged rehabilitation following chemotherapy. It can affect routine life, increase hospital stay and level of dependence. The kind of problems, patients face, can vary from person to person. Nevertheless, there are certain common problems that are shared by many cancer patients. This paper will discuss these problems and other aspects of life after chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is done to either cure cancer or to prolong life. The chemotherapeutic agents used in this process, acts by targeting cancer cells. In this process, they also harm the normal cells in the patient’s body, leading to adverse health effects. Most of the conventional chemotherapeutic agents available today, do not have the expected specificity, and can end up harming normal cells to varying

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