Life As A Child Was Really Rough

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Life as a child was really rough,. When I was about 9 years old, my mother would abuse me for completely nothing. eEverything I did was wrong. If I didn’t never eat all my food, I would get slapped,. if I didn’t never do my homework, iI would get slapped. Taking care of my siblings was hard enough and iI was slacking on my school work because I hadve so much to do at home. All I ever did was stay home, watch kids, clean house, and make dinner. I was the oldest, so I didn’t really have a choice but to do all those things because my mother was a druggie. During my teenage years, it got a little better because my mother she had a job,. sShe was going to gonna graduate soon and her siblings wereas doing pretty good in school, Uuntil one day she woke up to people knocking on the door. sShe yelled “Hold on i’m coming.”
I opened the door and was really confused until they explained everything “The other day your little brother went to his school health room complaining that his back was sore. The lady lifted up his shirt and saw multiple bruises on his back. sShe had no choice but to call us” I was heartbroken because they never mention anything to me and they seemed fine “We have no choice but to take your siblings with us” The guy said.I was shocked because I went on break with my friends thinking they would be fine with my mom and her boyfriend. They came back to the house 2 days later to pick me up and take me to court and once we got there i explained

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