Life As A Wonder That Begins At Birth And Ends When One Dies

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Life Great Questions
Most scholars refer to life as a wonder that begins at birth and ends when one dies. Life consists of a series of questions (Bantum, 2009). Research reveals that people find answers to most of their questions in life. It also reveals that only a few can find answers that bother those most. Questions not only provide answers but motivate people to accomplish certain goals in life. In that context, questions are essential in life, and people that do not ask about these questions are most likely ‘lost’ in life. Human beings look at different avenues for answers for their questions. While some prefer answers from scientific studies, most people obtain their life disturbing questions from their religion (Ipgrave and Marshall, 2007). The paper discusses the life’s great questions and their answers from religions. Also, it compares the answers from the Islam and Christianity perspective.
Religious traditions provide answers
One of the puzzling life questions is the origin of human beings. People are curious about their origin and concerned what happened to their ancestors (McCabe, 2010). Science through the theories of evolution and the Big Bang theory has tried to explain the origin of life. Unfortunately, the theories are associated with flaws on highlighting the source of life or the first cell. Conversely, people use religion to answer such questions. According to Christianity, the universe and human beings were made by God. Man was the Lord’s final

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