Searching for the Origin of Life Essay

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Searching for the Origin of Life

Our origin and destination was never such a baffling question. The answer was simple, God. However it seems as though the evolution of thought has complicated the topic, to the point where the previous simple answer was almost left behind. Religion has science to blame for its loss of complete power of the people. Perhaps this is why the religious society is so unwilling to find a happy median. Although that is completely understandable, science did embarrassingly undermine their entire belief system, or did it? A growing number of people from each belief system are beginning to understand that science and religion depend upon each other to give the best answer …show more content…

The explosion was so exact that if it were to happen any other way the universe would not exist as we know it, if the atoms hadn’t arranged the way they did to form other particles then we wouldn’t be asking ourselves this question. Many scientists have found their selves asking if it happened all by chance or was there a designer. "These findings, now available, make the idea that God created the universe a more respectable hypothesis today than at any time in the last 100 years." Frederick Burnham.

To begin to form the important relationship between science and religion, each must be defined. The definition of science is easily and predominantly agreed upon, that is, it is gaining knowledge of the laws which govern our universe, and it relies heavily on logic. Religion on the other hand presents something much more difficult to define, the dispute lies within organized religion rather than personal faith or belief in a supernatural being. For it is not so much someone who has faith or belief in a God than it is organized religion that disagrees with science. This is easily understandable because someone who is free from ties with a large religious organization is much more able to freely and open mindedly decide upon their beliefs. Where as if an entire organization based around a belief system is introduced to something that conflicts what they

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