Life Course Developmental Framework And The Systems Framework Essay

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Throughout the years, many theories and theoretical approaches have been developed in an attempt to explain not only the human experience, but the experience of the family as well. It is through theories that social scientists and human service professionals come to study and understand families and close relationships throughout the human lifespan. While there are many family theories that are useful in studying and understanding families, I have chosen to discuss the Life Course Developmental framework and the Systems framework in terms of their importance to family and professionals in the social sciences and helping professions. The Life Course Developmental Framework consists of three theoretical approaches: The Individual Life Span Theory, The Family Development Theory, and The Life Course Theory (White et al., 2015). These theories focus on explaining how individuals and families grow and change over time through life events. One of the strengths of this theory is that it looks at both the individual and family life stages and event histories in order to locate developments and stressors and track the effects through time. Family life events are usually important events that happen at a single point in time (i.e. birth of a child) (White et al., 2015). Family life stages, on the other hand, are periods of time where the structure and roles within a family are different than they were during other periods of time (i.e. Childbearing Family Stage versus Empty Nest
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