Life Essay : A Day That Changed My Life

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A Day That Changed My Life
One day that changed my life was the day I went into foster care.I will never forget that day. I remember going to school that day.I was sitting in class and the S.R.O came and got me from class. I felt like something bad was going to happen. I was right, they took me into foster care. They took me from school and then when we were leaving the school they asked me if I knew where my mom and brother were,I didn’t know. The caseworkers called my mom and told her she needed to meet her somewhere, so my mom had her friend bring my brother to the park to meet us because it was hard for her and she didn't want us to go. After we got my brother, Tristan we went and got lunch, then we went to Health and Welfare. We had to wait for her to come get us at 6 p.m. I was honestly scared because I didn’t know who my brother and I would be living with. I didn’t know if she had any kids or anything. After our foster mom, Malerie picked us up we went to dinner. Malerie took me and my little brother in and a couple months later she took in my older sister. My sister didn’t really like Malerie I don’t know why though she’s probably one of the best foster homes my sister has been in. I’ve been with Malerie for like two and a half years now, I went with her when I was in 7th grade and now I’m in 10th grade. I love her like a mom she has changed my life. My real mom’s name is Nicole and she only came to one of my court dates for foster care.That

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