Life Essay : My Life Of My Daily Life

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Daily life 1 I remember waking up on a Saturday morning and I would find Sylvia the housekeeper working on the supper following that smell, I say good morning while I squeeze her from behind. And take my place at the table, but previous to I have awakened my sister she will come to the table and do the same thing that I did. I would get ready in packing my books, Sherlyn my sister, two years younger would be pestering me about how she is better than me at everything but despite this problem, together with Sylvia we will leave the house and she will take us to the catechism. I recall how she used to get very angry at me She would get mad and hit me on the shoulder I will respond and bump into her before telling me I am stupid, but not after I say that a stupid person is the stupid one for saying that a person is stupid, of course, it doesn't make sense at all even so Sylvia will demand for us to stop the fight before, sisters should love each other not fight that fighting is just ugly. I walk behind her and Sylvia she would walk right behind me, that road every Saturday afternoon, I could smell gasoline from my father business that was not far from where I was and overhear the sound of a motorcycle rumbling in the street unrestrained, I looked at the sky, blue with such a pure color of white clouds, I close my eyes for a moment to enjoy the moment. I try to walk side by side in such a dirty unpaved road surrounded by brick houses of different shapes and

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