Life Is Beautiful : How Can Life Be Beautiful?

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Life is Beautiful Part of the human existence is questioning the purpose of our being. Constantly bombarded by emotions of love and joy paralleled by relentless hate and depression may create a war of confusion in our own minds. Though our minds face this confusion in processing these emotions to better understand life in its complexity, there is a common expression stating that life is beautiful. Though, the common expression says that life is beautiful. How can life be beautiful when presenting such tragedy? I faced my own crisis concerning how to hold a perspective on this life when my best friend decided to take his own life. His passing was devastating for me since I had spent an entire day with him and spoke to him moments before he made his decision. After this devastating loss, I had first hand experience questioning how life can be so great as I had been told all my life. As time passed I understood that life is what I decide to make of it, meaning if I want to understand the beauty of this world then I must allow myself to see it. The reality is that when something agonizing happens in this world, there is typically nothing that is beautiful about what has happened itself, but the act of living as a human being and experiencing life itself creates the beauty. The human mind processes negative emotions and memories much differently than positive emotions and memories. Negative emotions require more thought and it is typically through negative emotions that…

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