Life Is Not Naturally Interdisciplinary. It Is A Neutral

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Life is not naturally interdisciplinary. It is a neutral assortment of phenomena that are ordered through human thought and action. This quote was said by Julie Thompson Klein and was given to us in the instructions of the essay. Both of my concentrations of math and science are very similar in many ways, but they are also different in their respective ways. Both subjects, in my opinion, literally run the world and are always changing and evolving. They are two of the main courses taught throughout a child’s schooling, other than reading and English. Each subject thinks systematically and organizes and processes data in their own way. The math discipline thinks systematically about the world by challenging the scholars involved to …show more content…

Another key concept of math is statistics and probability as well as shape and space because without the knowledge of these subjects, the stock market would not be in existence, architects would not be able to design buildings and cities, and the people in Las Vegas would not be able to make their spreads on any sporting events (Key Concepts in the Curriculum). Albert Einstein, a famous Physicist and Scientist, can be a key practitioner for science, but he is also very notable for his contributions to mathematics because he created the Theory of Relativity with the famous mathematic equation E = MC2, which allowed for many advancements in math and science, but also helped the atomic bomb in World War II to be created. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, is another great contributor to mathematics as he developed the Pythagorean Theorem, which allows all angles of a right triangle to be measured equally. Without this concept, we would not be able to put degree measurements on certain objects (Famous Mathematicians). Throughout schooling, there are many textbooks that flutter throughout classrooms that made significant contributions to mathematics, and if even one of them were to not have been created, the math world as well as the world itself would not flow and exist the way it does currently. The science discipline thinks systematically about the world by perceiving normal occasions and conditions keeping in mind the end

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