Life Lessons Learned In Life

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Sometimes life lessons are learned the hard way. Unfortunately for me, this is how I learned mine. I do not mean to make this sad and depressing, but this is the truth.

Two years ago, my grandmother died of stage 4 brain cancer.

It was not sudden; she had been suffering for a little less than a year. I kind of remember the “chain of reactions’ that led up to the diagnosis. It was around the fourth of July and we went to my grandparent’s house to celebrate. Shortly after arriving, everyone migrated to the pool area, where my Dad noticed that half of my grandma’s face was “melting” and her arm wasn’t through one sleeve of her shirt. After pointing that out, my grandpa proceeds to inform us that a few days prior, she had fallen on the ground while outside as a result of a medical issue and has been off ever since. Surprised to hear this, my dad told my grandpa to take her to the doctor. This day was the beginning of the end.
After this, I forgot about the entire situation because I was too entranced in my own fifth grade problems. But a few months or weeks later, we got a call that she had a brain tumor. Shortly after getting the news, we went to the hospital to go see my extended family. The doctors told the adults what was going on; they told them she had a large brain tumor int the left side of her brain, and the only way to determine if it was cancerous was to surgically remove it. Everyone decided that they would sleep on it, instead of making a quick decision.

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