The Importance Of Origin Stories

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On some levels, origin stories are just that, stories. Growing up, whenever I read origin stories or myths, they seemed extremely unrealistic and I always questioned whether they were actually true or just make belief. As I became older, I began to develop a better understanding of things, and when I reread those stories, I realized that there was a much bigger picture behind every story. Origin stories are essentially traditional tales, usually ones that concern the early history of people, or that explain some natural or social phenomenon. A lot of the time origin stories have animals or objects depicting humans, or have some sort supernatural activities going on which makes the stories seem unrealistic, but behind all of that I was always able to find some sort of message or explanation that proved to be very useful. Some origin stories would explain how our ancestors came to be, others would include a moral but most importantly, every story was like a window, a window that allowed us to get a better comprehension of our past. A big question that is always being asked is “Should origin stories be encouraged to people”? My answer is yes. Yes we should encourage origin stories because they teach us valuable life lessons, solidify and shape our cultures, and give us a deeper understanding of our past.

Life lessons are tremendously important. Many say that in order to learn a life lesson, you must live through one. They are not wrong, but there is a much easier way to

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