Life Reflection Paper

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Change is painful. Change is risking the safety of what one knows to explore the vast unknown. To allow change to intrude into one’s life is to endure discomfort, to endure pain. As difficult as it may be to let go of the familiar, change is a necessity for human development. Without change, there is no growth. Once one decides they have a desire to improve themselves as human beings, they must introspect deeply, and question how their beliefs and mindsets shape their achievements, relationships, and goals for their future. I am willing to do this exact thing, my success in life depends on it. My beliefs and mindsets have truly impacted me as a person. We will explore these impacts by exploring my achievements, my relationships, and lastly, my goals for the future.
Mindsets have played their parts in my personal achievements. One example is when, Sophomore year of High school, I was placed into regular Biology. I requested to be switched into advanced placement, but was dismissed because the only Sophomores allowed in were ones who had taken Biology the year before. Half of the school year flew by, and it all felt like a waste. I got up one day and went to the counselors. I told them if they were not going to put me into AP Biology, I was going to take the test anyway. And so, just a few days after, there I was in advanced placement Biology, an entire semester behind everyone else. Regular Biology was completely effortless for me, so coming into AP, I had a fixed mindset.

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