Life Reflection Paper

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Life is and always will be unpredictable. You want to go left, but life takes you diagonal right with an upward slant. Nothing is set in stone despite what you are sure is going to happen. It is like a game of baseball when you are sure that the pitcher is going to throw a fast ball at you, but instead throws the ball to first base and gets your teammate out. The complete opposite of what you were expecting because of your limited view. You were waiting and watching for the pitch which meant you were not paying any attention to the teammate on first base. “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” John Lennon said that. When you have this idea of what life will be and you follow it, the chances of it changing are greater than the chances of life being exactly what you expect. I had always thought that I would never make it very far in life. My view was limited to this very narrow field of vision that surrounded my life when I was young. You had to be smart, with a good family, and you had to be able to contribute something to the world. I did not have a future that would work out well for me because I was not smart and I could not contribute to anything. At least that’s what I thought for the longest time.
Learning was not something that I enjoyed when I was young. I struggled with the basics of schooling for many years. The only reason I got so far was because of getting placed into a class that did everything much slower than any of the others and then in

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