Life Reflection Paper

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On Tuesday September 12, 2017, I was getting ready to go out and pay my bills. I went out the door and went down the stairs and a woman approached me and asked if I had two dollars. I looked at the woman and act like I did not hear her. Then she asked me again if I had two dollars and I told her I would have to see if I had any change. I did not want to open my purse in front of the woman because I did not trust her. Then I went back in the house and looked in my purse. I went back out the door and gave the lady the two dollars. I asked the lady where did she live and she told me she move in the green house down the street from my house. I introduce myself by telling the lady my name. After I finished introducing myself to the lady, I begin talking to her about Jesus Christ and my testimony. She was impressed how I told her about how I met Jesus Christ. I explained to her how I had relationship with God and that she could also have a relationship with Him. I informed her that I would be back after I pay my bills. I invited her for dinner the next day. The lady came to my house for dinner. We talked and she informed me that she did not have any relatives in this city. She stated that she just lost her son and went through a divorce with her husband two weeks ago. As she was pouring out her problems, I listened to her. She started to cry and stated she was overwhelmed with things that was happening in her life. I asked her if I could pray for her and

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