Life : The Journey To Change In My Life

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People go through changes every day in their life. Life is always throwing curve balls constantly. These changes may have a hefty impact on a person. I went through a really rough time when I was about fourteen years old. This experience has taught me the most tremendous lesson in life. I never knew the summer going into my 8th grade year that my life was about to change completely. I found out that I was going to have to move across the state of Indiana. Hearing this news brought so much shocked to me, I didn’t know how to feel about it. It all started one day when I came home from school. I moseyed upstairs to my bedroom to change out of my school clothes. I heard a voice echoing from downstairs calling my name, it was my dad yelling for me. I bolted downstairs to see what he wanted. I ambled to the living room to see my whole family sitting together. I asked what was going on and no one answered. My mother tells me to sit down, we have to talk to you and your brother. I had so many questions, we had never had a family meeting like this before. My father then broke the news that we were going to move to the city of West Lafayette. I sat there in awe, I had no words I had so many things going through my head all at once. My parents had then explained to my brother and I, that we are going to move because my mom has the opportunity to own my grandpa’s business when he retires. My mother had just lost her job a few years prior to getting this offer. We had been going on
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