Life and History of Hipparchia of Athens

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Hipparchia of Athens was born into an upper class family in approximately 346 B.C in Thrace, Greece during the Hellenistic period. Her parents were aristocrats who were originally from Athens and decided to move the family for a short period of time to Maroneia, where Hipparchia was raised. When the family returned to Athens, Hipparchia met a man named Crates who influenced her to follow the career path of a cynic philosopher. Hipparchia broke free from the androcentric perspectives in Greece and encouraged other women to do the same. She is remembered for her speeches towards achieving gender equality in Greece. Since Hipparchia lived in the Hellinistic period, she had access to basic schooling as a child. She studied subjects such as reading and music. However, she wanted to learn subjects that were illegal for women to study during the time period she lived in. Hipparchia also disliked the common household chores meant for Greek women such as spinning and weaving. Instead, she wanted to join disscussions with well-educated men and discuss philosophical topics. However, due to Hipparchia’s gender and parents who strictly followed Greek social customs, she was not able to do so. Hipparchia’s childhood dreams of studying philosophy would not have came true later in her life if she had not met a cynic philosopher named Crates. Without her brother, Metrocles, Crates would have never entered Hipparchia’s life. After the family moved back to Athens,
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