Life in the Ottawa tribe

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The Ottawa tribe and culture of the tribe is eminently fascinating and beautiful. The Ottawa tribe has a great deal of history behind it. The name “Ottawa” is originally spelled “Odawa” in their native language. The language that they speak is mostly English, but their native language is Ojibwa, which is related to Anishinaabe language. The tribe’s original homeland, according to, is mostly in southern Ontario in Canada, which is where the name of “Ottawa” or “Odawa” came from, and Michigan. There are multiple Ottawa tribes, but there is one here in Manistee, Michigan, they are the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. There is a legion amount of people that are in the Little River Band that are exceedingly close to me. The Little River Band is full and rich in culture. “The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, a Michigan tribe that has survived to the present day despite the expansionist and assimilationist policies that nearly robbed it of its identity in the late nineteenth century”, explained James McClurken who published the book “Our People, Our Journey”. He then explains that they Little River Band was forced onto a reservation on the Pere Marquette and Manistee Rivers in 1858. The tribe was getting pushed and shoved around for countless years and their culture was disintegrating. In fact, my boyfriend, Andrew, his grandmother, Margaret Chandler, was a strong and tough working representative that helped and pushed the people of their tribe for over

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