Lifestyle Interventions For Managing Obesity

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Lifestyle interventions for managing obesity in older adults INTRODUCTION Obesity is condition of being abnormal with excess of accumulated fat in the adipose tissue of the body to the extent which increases the health risk, illness and may lead to morality. An important cause of body fat mass is the association between energy taken and energy spent. A person becomes obese when he/she consumes more calories than they burn. Calories are necessary in order to sustain life and to be active and fit, to have energy for daily routine. It is important to balance the energy consumed and expenditure. When the balance is missed weight gain occurs. Management of obesity, especially, in the elderly is one …show more content…

For better understanding of lifestyle measures in managing obesity in older adults a systematic review of literature is performed. METHODOLOGY The articles were selected from CINAHL Plus, Pub Med Central, Pro Quest Central, MEDLINE, Science direct, Clinical Key, Web of Science. The key words used are , Obesity, older adults , managing obesity, Body mass index, physical activity, aging, weight loss , diet, health, disability . Potential studies for the literature review were identified by performing search for the articles from the last ten years (2005 to 2015). Articles were searched electronically and some general information is gathered by hand search from relevant books. Search was limited to the English language. FINDINGS Obesity is an additional burden for the older adults as they are already struggling with problems with comes with age. Along with the burden of age related diseases obese elderly face decline in physical function, depended on help and lack good quality of life.( Henderson, MJSadlier, KCurrie, BG 2006). The best weight management interventions can be suggested by acquiring complete patient history and physical examination .While collecting patient

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