Like A Growing Seed, This Jealousy Knowing, Makes Me Believe

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Like a growing seed, this jealousy knowing, makes me believe I keep walking in circles. As destined as we seem to be you really can 't tell how much this hurts. Every small thing gives some sense of distance that was quite never really captured by the blind side of what i 'd see. in order to remain stable it is important to never get used to settling for what we think we deserve. Time after time, bullet after bullet, just like a ticking bomb ready to explode,eventually dealing with such heartache leads to discomfort. What about the trauma that comes with it? Sure its beautiful at first. We can say it 's a beautiful disaster. Something that started off so innocent ends so drastically. It 's like a gripping feeling as if someone just drilled …show more content…

The day was so beautiful everything was going so perfectly, but the minute he wasn 't with me i was shook. Jealous of little kids, I think not. I was there physically, but mentally my mind was wandering. I Was stuck in a daze.

As the day proceeded we walked 5 miles down east towards the peer. There were so many people it was amazing how many there were. I wondered about the people at Hunington Beach. Left and right all i saw was couples holding hands taking pictures happily in love. Here i was walking like a dead zombie with no emotion. Its like my heart was on drive.
“Guess what?” I said “What?” he replied, in a very firm strict voice.
“Nvm” I said.
Expecting an “are you okay?” I just recieved an “ok.”
Frustrated enough because my emotions were tangeld up, the distance did no help. I began to talk less and just listened as i started noticing that if the topic wasnt about him then my opinions or voice no longer mattered.
Walking down the peer he grasped my hand. Finally, I thought.
But it felt different.
I tried to change, closed my mouth more, tried to be softer, prettier, less awake. Slowly did not speak another word. I grew thick and skin on my feet, but coiled deep inside of me was the thought, are you cheating on me?
Later that night we drove back home which was when I realized I needed to speak up.
We talked and talked for minutes until what was supposed to be conversation

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